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Federal Performance Commissioner
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Organisation Federal Performance Commissioner

Graphic OrganisationThe Federal Performance Commissioner has neither own staff nor budget funds at his/her disposal but largely relies on the findings and resources on the Bundesrechnungshof. While he/she consults the Bundesrechnungshof’s audit panels, he/she is exclusively responsible for the results of his work. In theory, the Federal Performance Commissioner and the Bundesrechnungshof may hold different view. In practice, however, this is not likely to occur because both institutions cooperate closely.

To handle the day-to-day work inherent to the office of Commissioner, Kay Scheller is supported by a service unit which especially receives the relevant draft papers of the Federal Ministry, is in charge of initial analysis and provides relevant information.


Graphic Flag France Commissaire fédéral pour la performance de l'administration fédérale – structure organisationnelle

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