President Kay Scheller

Vice-President Christian Ahrendt

Upon the proposal of the Federal Government, both the President and the Vice-President of the Bundesrechnungshof are elected by the two Houses of Parliament and appointed by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany for terms of twelve years. The President’s mandates are not renewable and tenure of office must not extend beyond the statutory retirement age for civil servants of the Federation.

The President is the head of the Bundesrechnungshof as a supreme federal authority. In this capacity, he/she is the superior of all staff and represents the Bundesrechnungshof externally. He/she bears the overall responsibility for mission performance ensuring the consistency of the principles underlying its decisions. He/she arranges for due prioritysetting. He/she chairs the Governing Board and may chair the divisional boards under his/her jurisdiction as agreed between him/her and the Vice-President. In the latter capacity the President may join decisionmaking of the panels concerned. The other Members of the Bundesrechnungshof are appointed upon his/her proposal. He/she nominates them after consultation with the standing committee of the Governing Board. Apart from that, the President also serves as Federal Performance Commissioner.

The Vice-President deputises for the President. He/she joins decisionmaking in those panels and divisional boards for which he/she is answerable under the general schedule of responsibilities. In addition, the Vice-President may take the chair of a divisional board and also chairs the Governing Board’s standing committee.