22.07.2021  |   Advisory Report

EU SAIs review the response to COVID-19

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Joint report of the EU SAIs on the governments’ response to the coronavirus pandemic and on the impact on EU Member States

The coronavirus pandemic has a global and severe impact on almost all areas of life. This includes the health system, the economy, public finances and education. The EU Member States are affected by the crisis to varying degrees and have taken steps to address it.

Against this background, the EU SAIs started at an early stage to review the public actions taken to address the pandemic, e.g. stabilisation of the public health system, procurement of medical devices and equipment or financial support for the economy.

The EU SAIs agreed to publish selected audit findings in a joint report.

The first joint report contains selected audit findings published by the individual SAIs in 2020. We contributed our advisory report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the statutory health insurance scheme.

In the coming years, the EU SAIs intend to conduct more than 200 further audits on the topic of coronavirus and to publish further joint reports.