24.11.2021  |   Advisory Report

Federal IT management with structural shortcomings

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Poor IT management by the federal government: We found structural shortcomings in the strategy, controlling, organisation and framework planning.

In the course of our audit work, we repeatedly found shortcomings in IT projects and IT programmes of federal entities. We analysed our findings on structural shortcomings in federal IT management. We summarised our conclusions in a report to the Federal Chancellery and the Federal Government Commissioner for IT.

The federal government needs to better use its IT strategy as an instrument of strategic IT management. The government should align the IT goals, supporting measures and use of IT consistently with the policy and strategic projects. In light of a rapidly changing technological and social environment, federal IT management must be effective. Without having made an in-depth analysis of the management model in place and having investigated possible options, the federal government will not be in a position to succeed in enhancing federal IT management. However, enhancement is urgently needed.