13.04.2021  |   Annual Report

Transport ministry is planning to build an underpass with an unnecessary barrier system at a cost of more than €2.8 million

The transport ministry is equipping an underpass beneath the A 92 motorway with a high-performance pumping system to ensure drainage even during heavy rainfalls. In addition, the transport ministry is building an emergency power supply and an alarm system. On top of that, the Ministry is making arrangements for a barrier system for the highly unlikely event that the pumping system fails during lower rainfall.

The new B 15n trunk road is to be equipped with a trough-shaped underpass beneath the A 92 near the town of Landshut. This underpass will be supplemented by a pumping system for drainage. The pumping system is very large and designed to drain exceptionally heavy rainfalls, which according to available data occur once a century only. The pumping system is also equipped with an emergency power supply to protect it against power outages. Power faults are also reported electronically via the system to an operations centre. On top of that, the transport ministry is planning to build an additional safety barrier. This barrier is designed to block access routes to the underpass in the event of imminent flooding. The Ministry stated that this was needed if heavy rainfalls coincided with a failure of the pumping system. Since such a coincidence is highly unlikely, we doubt that the barrier at a cost of €2.8 million or more is really needed. We urge the transport ministry to give up these plans since it has not substantiated the requirements as stipulated in Article 6 of the federal financial regulations (known as the Federal Budget Code).

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