13.04.2021  |   Annual Report

Transport ministry is planning to build a tunnel at the cost of €28.8 million without an adequate economic feasibility study

The transport ministry made major decisions on a building project of a new federal trunk road without basing its decisions on adequate economic feasibility studies. As a result, the transport ministry again violated basic financial management regulations.

Near the town of Landshut, the B 15n trunk road will be built to underpass a railway line and a local road. For this purpose, a trough-shaped underpass had initially been designed to be later replaced by a proposed tunnel. In these cases, the transport ministry did not base its decisions on the results of a sound economic feasibility study. The Ministry violated financial management principles.

This case of non-compliance is only one of several cases where we found road works lacking economic feasibility studies or other major shortcomings. We note with concern that within the remit of the transport ministry, the lack of adequate data for informed decision-making is the rule rather than the exception. We urge the transport ministry to conduct proper economic feasibility studies as a basis for decision-making on building and expanding federal trunk roads.

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