13.04.2021  |   Annual Report

Transport ministry ignores value-for-money principle and traffic safety in planning a motorway junction

The transport ministry intends to build a new motorway junction closely to a junction already in operation at the A 7 motorway. The related plan neither takes into account aspects of value for money nor of traffic safety.

The Lower Saxony road building administration is planning to build a junction at the A 7 motorway near the town of Hildesheim to connect the motorway to a new industrial park. The new access would be located at a mere distance of 1.9 km from the junction operated at Hildesheim-Drispenstedt. Such low distances between junctions impede traffic safety. On top of that, another option would be to upgrade the junction currently in place to tackle future transport challenges. The transport ministry supports junction planning although the value for money of this project has not been substantiated. The transport ministry should conduct an economic feasibility study to compare the two options (new construction versus upgrade) and in this effort also study the impact on traffic safety.