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The German SAI during Nazi rule: New study published

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Comprehensive insight into audit and advisory work from the Weimar Republic to the Federal Republic.

"Professor Hans-Peter Ullmann relied on a broad basis of sources to describe, analyse and reappraise the role the German SAI played during the National-Socialist tyranny in great depth and detail. The historian's study covers the Weimar Republic, the Nazi regime, the period of occupation and the early years of Federal Republic: From ex-post audit to pro-active advisory work. The author highlights relevant historical developments, ruptures and continuities," said President Kay Scheller when Professor Ullmann's study was published. "I highly appreciate that we have now at hand a study reviewing the history of the early German SAI and its predecessor institutions across successive government systems."

Prof. Ullmann launched his four-year research project in September 2017. When he issued the book in March 2021, Prof. Ullmann had managed to conclude research work somewhat earlier than planned.

The volume comprises almost 600 pages and is available from Wallstein Verlag. The title of the book reads in German: "Kontrolle und Beratung: Der deutsche Rechnungshof im Wechsel der politischen Systeme des 20. Jahrhunderts".

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