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Mission Statement


The mission statement sets out the values that govern the external audit function and reflects our self-image. This statement encompasses the objectives and fundamental principles underlying our work: independence, neutrality, objectivity and credibility. These principles are fundamental to the Bundesrechnungshof’s constitutional mandate and lay the groundwork for making effective recommendations. The Bundesrechnungshof thus contributes to transparency and sustainability of government operations and strengthens public confidence in the Federal Government.

Our mission

  • As an independent institution of government audit the German SAI is subject exclusively to the law. In our audits of federal financial management we make reasonable use of our independent status and audit mandate.
  • We are objective and impartial in all that we do. Through our audit and advisory work, we support German Parliament, Federal Government and federal administration.
  • We are aware of our responsibility vis-à-vis Parliament and the public. Our audit and advisory work is to contribute to obtaining best value for the taxpayers’ money and to make our actions transparent. This will strengthen the confidence citizens place in the government.
  • The quality of our audit products has a decisive impact on how our audit work is recognised by our stakeholders.


Our external relations

  •  It is our task to further enhance the high reputation of external audit.
  •  We recognise the work done by the audited bodies. We rely on the strength of our audit findings. We consider our recommendations as constructive feedback. We follow up on our recommendations seeking to ensure the sustainability of our audit work.
  • We share information and lessons learnt with national and international partners.
  • We take seriously the expectation of the public and the media that we keep them fully informed about our work and audit findings. We are committed to the requirement of transparency. However, we take regard to the protection of privacy rights and public interests.
  • We use clear and concise language to present our audit conclusions and recommendations.


Our approach

  • We have a common mission. All of us contribute to performing our mission.
  • We respond flexibly to new challenges posed by the federal administration.
  • Our work focuses on identifying potentials for improvement, weaknesses and mismanagement to make proposals for addressing the shortcomings found. We conduct our audit work free from bias.
  • We welcome ideas and suggestions for improvement. We keep reflecting on the merits of our methodology and adapt it accordingly.


Working together

  • We treat each other in an appreciating, fair and balanced manner.
  • We act with integrity in everything we do.
  • We welcome appropriate constructive feedback.
  • We communicate with each other openly and honestly.
  • Leaders have a specific responsibility:
    • We lead our staff in a participatory, supportive and results-oriented manner. We recognise good performance and commitment to improve.
    • We give due regard to the needs and interests of various groups of staff and do not treat any of them unfairly.
    • We consider capacity building and professional development of our staff as an investment in the future.
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