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Data protection statement

Every time a user visits one of our web pages or accesses files, data on such access is temporarily stored and processed in a log file. Each data record is rendered anonymous by modifying the IP address of the accessing party prior to storing it.

The following data is stored:

  • IP address (rendered anonymous)
  • date and time of access
  • accessed web page/file
  • transferred data volume
  • browser and operating system
  • message indicating whether access was successful

Such data is evaluated for statistical purposes and for the purpose of improving our service offering and will subsequently be deleted. The logged information is not passed to any third party or used otherwise.

When changing the language of the web pages (German-English or English-German), a temporary session cookie will be generated. This cookie does not store personal data and will be removed when you close your browser session. Cookies will not be used for any other purpose.

We do not use software to analyse access patterns (such as Java applets or Active-X controls).

E-mail addresses entered in the contact form are used for communication directly with the correspondent and for delivering information only.


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