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2017 Annual Report - spring report No. 01 "Waiver of unnecessary upgrading of federal road 303 near Schirnding will save €33 million"

The Federal Transport Ministry is planning to have the Schirnding bypass of federal road No. 303 upgraded to four lanes. This is unnecessary. Already now, the road section in question can accommodate much more traffic than projected by the Ministry for the future. The Ministry may save €33 million or more by waiving the upgrading.
Apr 24, 2018

The Schirnding bypass is located near the border to the Czech Republic. The Ministry is planning to have it upgraded to four lanes in two stages. We consider this to be unnecessary. The road in place has been designed to safely accommodate three times the traffic load projected for 2030. This construction project does not provide good value for money either. The costs have been estimated incompletely. They could significantly increase in the second project stage for which planning is still underway. This increase is likely in the light of the yet unexplored ground conditions and the restrictions likely to be imposed with regard to nature conservation. We therefore think that the cost estimate needs review.

The Ministry argued that upgrading was not justified by looking solely at the current traffic load, but that federal road No. B 303 was a policy decision. The Ministry referred to a declaration of intent made jointly by the Federal Minister of Transport and the Czech Transport Minister. In this declaration, the Ministers made the point for establishing efficient transport links between the Czech Republic and the European transport network in Germany.

We still hold the view that there is no need for this construction project. There is no justification for its efficiency. The significance of the project in terms of structural policy essentially stems from declarations of intent of the transport ministers. In its present condition, No. B 303 already today effectively links the Czech Republic to the German motorway network. The road can accommodate three times the current traffic load.

We advise the Ministry to abandon the upgrading project.

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