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2017 Annual Report - spring report No. 03 "The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure intends to pay €7.2 million for a new motorway junction rather than charging this cost to municipalities"

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure intends to disburse €7.2 million for a motorway junction although two municipalities had committed themselves to shouldering the costs.
Apr 24, 2018

The Lower Saxony roadworks administration is planning to build an additional junction for federal motorway A 1. The driver for building this new junction is a trading estate run by a company.

Since 1997, two municipalities sought a change of the development plan to enable them to establish the trading estate. In 2002, they committed themselves to funding all transport infrastructure projects needed to set up the trading estate. In response, the Lower Saxony roadworks administration approved founding the trading estate. The written agreement is also applicable to local government relations to Federal Government.

In April 2013, the roadworks administration submitted to the Ministry an application of a county for the new junction. The application stated that the costs would have to be borne jointly by the Federal Government and the county. The county did not mention the agreement of 2002. The Ministry agreed to cost sharing. The Federal Government was to pay €7.2 million.

We drew attention to the agreement of 2002. We advised the Ministry to approve the additional junction only if the municipalities bear the cost.

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