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2017 Annual Report - spring report No. 05 "Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure claims refunds with a delay of several years"

The Ministry needs to assert Federal Government claims against the federal states more effectively.
Apr 24, 2018

For the first time in 2008, we asked the City-State of Berlin to refund €2 million to the Federal Government. The City-State had received these funds for nature conservation measures in connection with road construction. It had the task to fully replace green space destroyed by the construction of a motorway. The City-State used the funds for other purposes. We were successful in making the City-State of Berlin refund part of the amount in question. We requested the Ministry to claim the refund of the remaining amount. The Ministry confirmed the merit of the refund claim. Since 2013, it has negotiated unsuccessfully with the City-State about the refund of the remaining €1.2 million.

We hold that the Ministry needs to conclude the negotiations with the City-State. The Ministry needs to ensure that the Federal Government will receive the further refund of €1.2 million. We recommend that the refund claim be set off against other payments by the Federal Government to the City-State of Berlin. Apart from this isolated case, we found weaknesses in the Ministry’s management of refund claims against the federal states.

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