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Annual Report 2019 - Supplementary Report

Grafik Annual Report 2019 - Supplementary Report

02 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic poses enormous challenges for individuals, society and the government. The federal government and the federal states are doing their utmost to mitigate the impact of the virus on public health. The first and foremost goal is to take all the necessary steps to protect citizens and their families against the coronavirus. The German SAI also pursues this goal. We have taken appropriate steps to this end such as working from home and scaling down the physical presence of our core support staff at our offices to ensure business continuity and workable infrastructures.

We still comply with our constitutional mandate and ensure an effective external audit function at federal government level. We continue exercising our auditing, reporting and advisory role. In performing our audit missions, we duly and appropriately take into account the respective situation of the audited bodies at this point of time. As before, we give high priority to advising parliament and the government. This is also true for the communication and publication of our annual audit report.

Today, the German SAI has communicated its supplementary report on federal financial and commercial management to parliament and the government and issued the report to the general public. This report complements the German SAI’s 2019 annual report. The annual report provides a cornerstone for the decision of parliament to take each year about granting discharge to the government. The annual report is made up of two volumes, a main report and a supplementary report. We communicated and issued our 2019 annual report in December 2019. This supplementary report presents findings that may serve as useful input for the parliamentary discharge procedure under way but were generated only after the annual report had been issued.

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