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Federal Ministry of Defence

Reporting item No. 11 - Federal Armed Forces should decommission ageing tankers

The Navy’s fuel transport tankers have been in service for over 40 years. The technical conditions of these tankers led to halting or curtailing operations and lengthy retrofitting periods at shipyards. These circumstances caused maintenance costs to soar. The obsolete tankers present considerable environmental hazards.

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Reporting item No. 12 - Patchy data in the logistics system impair operational readiness of the Federal Armed Forces

For many years, the Armed Forces have failed to remedy the lack of information in their IT logistics system. This impairs operational readiness.

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Reporting item No. 13 - Initial training for helicopter crews: Doubts over usefulness of 60 new multi-role helicopters worth €2 billion

When procuring multi-role helicopters, the Armed Forces failed to ensure that such helicopters could usefully and effectively close the gap in pilot training aboard battlefield helicopters.

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