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Annual Reports - Topicality

Mar 13, 2013

The scope of the annual report is not limited to the financial year, for which a grant of discharge is sought. It may also cover subsequent or preceding financial years (Art. 97.3 Federal Budget Regulations).

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Drafting the annual report requires some lead time. This is needed especially in order to take into account audited bodies’ comments on the draft report items. Timelier reporting is the result of joint reflection by the Public Accounts Committee and the German SAI. To reduce this time lag, we developed supplementary spring reporting. The findings of federal financial management generated after the conclusion of the traditional annual reporting process are communicated to the Public Accounts Committee for deliberation early in the following FY. This new procedure provides a more up-to-date basis for the decision on granting discharge for the last but one FY to the Federal Government which is scheduled for June each year.

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