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2018 report: update prepared to inform the 2019 budget deliberations about the trend in departmental budget No. 03 “Federal Council of Constituent States”

Aug 31, 2018

1. Overview

The Federal Council of Constituent States on which the 16 federal states are represented is one out of five constitutional bodies and part of the Legislature of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the channel through which Germany’s constituent states are involved in federal legislation and administration and European Union affairs.

The Council is composed of members of the state governments. Depending on its number of inhabitants, each state has between three and six votes and as many representatives. In 2017, the Federal Council had 69 ordinary Members and 103 deputies. Each year, the Federal Council normally holds eleven plenary sessions. 16 permanent committees prepare the Federal Council decisions.

To assist the Members with discharging their functions, a secretariat has been set up. In 2017, the Secretariat had 196 established posts and approved positions.

The Federal Council has a first official seat in Berlin and a second official seat in Bonn that have 8 staff posts.

In FY 2017, expenditures under departmental budget No. 03 totalled €24.2 million. Since it is a purely administrative budget, expenditure on human resources, goods and services account for the major expenditure items. The Federal Council also generates some revenues from leasing and letting office premises.

Compared to the 2018 budget (targeted figures), the 2019 draft budget provides for the following major spending features:

  • Rise in the number of (approved) posts by 3 per cent and in staff expenditure by 6.6 per cent (item 3.1),
  • increase in administrative expenditure on equipment by 8.1 per cent (item 3.2),
  • increase in expenditure on construction works by 2,030 per cent (item 3.3) and
  • increase in capital expenditure by 120.1 per cent (item 3.4)


Table 01 

a  After adjustment (cf. budget account 2017, overview No. 4.9).
b  Calculated on the basis of the original figures; any differences due to rounding.
c  actual staffing as of 1 June 2017.
d  For comparison: actual staffing on 1 June 2018: 179 established posts/positions.

Source: Departmental budget No. 03. For the year 2017: budget account; for the year 2018: budget estimate; for the year 2019: draft budget estimate

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