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2018 report: update prepared to inform the 2019 budget deliberations about the trend in departmental budget No. 04 “Federal Chancellor and Federal Chancellery”

Sep 12, 2018

1. Overview

Apart from the Federal Chancellery, departmental budget No. 04 is the source of funding for the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media as well as the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government and subordinate agencies of such as the Federal Intelligence Service and a large number of grantees. In March 2018, the Federal Chancellor implemented the coalition agreement by means of an organisational decree. The decree modified organisational structures and provided for new substantive priorities. The changes in responsibilities also concerned the Federal Chancellery and its departmental budget No. 04. Functions from the remit of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community were conferred to the Federal Chancellery such as federal IT governance, the Office of the IT Council and the joint federal IT tasks. Since FY 2018, four Parliamentary State Secretaries have been designated to support the Federal Chancellor. Of these is the Federal Commissioner for digitisation who has a coordinator role for digitisation. According to a press release of May 2018, the Commissioner initiated the Innovation Council. The Council is composed of selected actors of start-ups and renowned businesses. The Council has the role to proactively point up challenges arising from digitisation and to communicate ideas from the start-up scene and business community to the political arena. The Innovation Council shall meet twice a year or more as needed. 

In addition to the senior management level, the relevant technical level has also been restructured at the Federal Chancellery. Administrative management work is done by seven divisions. The new division No. 6 (policy planning, innovation and digital policy, strategic IT governance) also covers digitisation matters.

In FY 2017, expenditures of departmental budget No. 04 totalled 2.7 billion euro. Table 1 below provides an overview of the departmental budget.

Table 01

Departmental budget No. 04
Federal Chancellor and Federal Chancellery

Table 01


Source: Departmental budget No. 04. For the year 2017: budget account; for the year 2018: budget estimate; for the year 2019: draft budget estimate

a After adjustment (cf. budget account 2017, overview No. 4.9).
b Calculated on the basis of the original figures; any differences due to rounding.
c Including excess and extra-budgetary commitment authorisations.
d Actual staffing as of 1 June 2017.
e For comparison: actual staffing as of 1 June 2018: 3,365 established posts/positions


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