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2017 Management Letter – Federal Employment Agency provides grant-funded German language start-up courses
Between October and December 2015, the Agency’s field offices were authorised to fund German language start-up courses, if these were necessary to support job integration. We have studied the requirements for the start-up courses set and implemented by the Federal Employment Agency. “We acknowledge the efforts made by the Federal Employment Agency to foster integration of refugees in a difficult situation”, emphasizes Kay Scheller, President of the German SAI, when issuing the management letter. “Particularly in such a case, however, some baseline rules governing the design and implementation of language courses need to be in place.” In a similar future situation, the Federal Employment Agency should set the terms and conditions required to ensure that the aims of the measures taken can be achieved in the best way possible. “We particularly highlighted that certain requirements were not complied with although the Federal Employment Agency had set them in advance”, Kay Scheller stated. Even if the Federal Employment Agency developed product and service specifications and parameters applicable to start-up courses prior to their implementation, the Agency later chose not to rely on them. As a result, service providers did not keep attendance records. In our opinion, the effectiveness of start-up courses is at least doubtful. A major portion of the funds have likely been wasted since attendance of the courses steadily declined over time.
2017 Management Letter - Audit on support for young people with skills gaps
Final audit report on support for young people with skills gaps pursuant to Art. 54a of the German Social Security Code, Volume III (Förderung der Einstiegsqualifizierung)
2019 Final management letter Domestic progress towards the sustainability goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda
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