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Bilateral Cooperation

The Bundesrechnungshof bilaterally provides professional expertise in the field of development cooperation of the Federal Government. In cooperation with the German Society for International Cooperation, we conduct peer reviews and provide consultation and training as long-term or short-term experts to support Supreme Audit Institutions to build up and develop capacities. Moreover, we offer study visits and internships at our headquarters in Bonn and our Potsdam branch office for staff of the SAIs of African, Asian and Latin American countries.

To strengthen capacity-building activities of partner SAIs, we also conduct EU twinning projects. Twinning projects were initiated by the European Commission to promote partnerships that are designed to help the acceding countries adopt, freely and fully as they see fit, the legal and institutional bases of the EU (acquis communautaire). Since these projects proved to be a very successful tool, twinning projects are meanwhile not only implemented in acceding countries or candidate countries, but also in European partner countries. However, the key objective of them remains the same: by means of temporary administrative partnerships, member states help governmental bodies of these countries adopt (fully or in part) the acquis communautaire and develop good governance. So far, the Bundesrechnungshof has successfully implemented several twinning projects with the SAIs of Bulgaria, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Jordan and Romania.

We work closely with a number of SAIs, sharing ideas and experience by means of e.g. parallel audits, joint seminars and workshops, discussion contacts both at top management and working level as well as staff exchanges.

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