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Meeting of the UN Panel of External Auditors in New York

“Carrying out peacekeeping operations is a core task of the United Nations, and the international community is paying special attention to these. In order to comply with the requirements we need to meet as lead auditor of peacekeeping operations, we follow an audit approach that aims at integrating all audited bodies. Eventually, our findings should be useful especially to them”, President Scheller explained the audit approach followed by the German SAI in auditing peacekeeping operations to the UN Panel of External Auditors, the Specialized Agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency. This year’s meeting was held in New York on 21 and 22 November. The Panel coordinates the audit activities of all external auditors active within the United Nations. The annual meetings are attended by Auditors General or their representatives to share lessons learnt and discuss issues of special interest. The Panel’s importance and relevance within the United Nations system was underlined by the presence of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Beirat der externen Rechnungsprüfer

Starting from the left: Anjana Das (Secretariat, UN Board of Auditors), Steven Townley (Director of External Audit, United Kingdom), Eric-Serge Jeannet (Vice-Director Federal Audit Office, Switzerland), Michael G. Aguinaldo (Chairperson, Commission on Audit, Philippines), Ermanno Granelli (President of the Audit Chamber for International Affairs, Italy), Shashi Kant Sharma (Comptroller & Auditor General, India), Harry Azhar Azis (Chairman of Audit Board, Indonesia), Ban Ki-moon (UN General Secretary), Prof. Mussa Juma Assad (Controller and Auditor General, Tanzania), President Scheller, Roberta Quarshie (Deputy Auditor-General, Ghana), Pannier Dominique (Director, International Relations and External Audit Department - Cour de comptes, France), Clyde Melvyn MacLellan (Assistant Auditor General, Canada)

The press release on the Panel’s meeting can be found here.

Following the Panel’s meeting, a special session of the UN Board of Auditors was held.

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