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UN Board of Auditors has approved 28 audit reports at its seventy-second regular session

The 72nd regular session of the UN Board of Auditors was held in New York from 24 to 25 July 2018. The meeting focused on the approval of 28 audit reports. President Kay Scheller participated in the meeting in his capacity as a member of the Board. He also presented audit reports on the United Nations entities that were part of the German SAI’s portfolio: "We suggest issuing unqualified opinions for all annual financial statements of the entities we audited," he said.

Approval given for a total of 28 audit reports

President Scheller and the two other Board members from India (Comptroller and Auditor General Rajiv Mehrishi) and Tanzania (Controller and Auditor General Prof. Mussa Juma Assad) approved a total of 28 audit reports. The audit focused on the financial statements of organizations, funds and programmes as of 31 December 2017 (not including the report on peacekeeping operations approved in January 2018). The Board adopted the audit reports by mutual consent.

Das Board unterzeichnete 28 Prüfberichte
The Board members signing 28 audit reports.

More information on the reports approved is available in the UN press release at: https://www.un.org/press/en/2018/org1671.doc.html.

Once the audit reports have been dealt with by the other relevant UN bodies they will be published in August/September 2018.


Chile takes over for Tanzania as member of the Board

At the 72nd regular session of the UN Board of Auditors, composition of the Board changed in line with the staggered rotation principle: After six years, the term of office on the Board expired for Prof. Mussa Juma Assad, the Controller and Auditor General of Tanzania. President Kay Scheller paid farewell to the outgoing member expressing his thanks for the close cooperation over the past two years. Jorge Bermúdez Soto, Comptroller General of Chile is to succeed the Controller and Auditor General of Tanzania as a new member of the Board. Mr. Scheller welcomed his Chilean counterpart on the Board: "Two years ago we were newcomers as you are today," Mr. Scheller recalled. "I can assure you that the commitment on the United Nations Board of Auditors is absolutely worth the effort. The mandate offers unique opportunities, both for the member SAIs of the Board and for the audit staff. Together we help enhance the efficiency of financial management and thus help achieve the key goals of the United Nations. I am looking forward to working together with you."

Präsident Scheller und sein chilenischer Amtskollege Comptroller General Jorge Bermúdez Soto
President Kay Scheller and Comptroller General Jorge Bermúdez Soto


Changes in the German SAI’s audit portfolio

The appointment of the new member to the Board of Auditors also resulted in some changes in the German SAI’s audit portfolio.

In July 2018, the German SAI relinquished some smaller mandates and took over UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), one of the major organizations in the UN system. UNDP is responsible for development aid in the areas of democratic governance, poverty reduction, crisis prevention and recovery, energy and environment. The organization has its headquarters in New York and operates in 170 countries. Together with the peacekeeping operations (UN PKO) and the refugee relief organization (UNHCR), the German SAI thus covers key areas of UN activities. The total volume of expenditure audited as part of the German SAI’s portfolio amounts to some 15 billion US dollars. More details on the German SAI’s current audit portfolio are given here.


Discussions on the UN reform underway

The German SAI’s President also met senior UN representatives in New York. He met with Jan Beagle, Under-Secretary-General to discuss the current status of the UN Secretary-General's reform initiatives and the role of the Board of Auditors in the reform process. "I highly appreciate it that the reform proposals are basically in line with the audit findings we have developed so far," Kay Scheller said. “The United Nations need to ensure that the financial resources made available to the organization are used both efficiently and as transparently as possible.”

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